A collection of some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find what you're looking for send us an email hello@assortmentfoods.com


What does a weekly menu look like?

Our recipes are designed for the everyday cook, using seasonal, everyday ingredients. We keep our recipes fuss-free using our favourite cooking techniques and flavour combinations. 

Our recipes are well balanced, nutritious meals using whole foods ingredients.


Why four recipes?

We have factored in that you might not be at home seven nights a week or that you may not want to cook every night - this also gives you the chance to cook some favourite recipes you already know and love. 


Why shop for yourself?

Control over how much or little you buy based on your dietary requirements.  Choose the source of where you produce comes from - free-range, organic, house brand etc. Shop the brands you love and where you want. Ability to avoid foods which you may be intolerant to. If there is an ingredient on the shopping list which you cannot get or you dislike, contact us and we will give you a variation.


How do I become a member?

Head to our become a member page to sign up. From there you will create a login and password, then you’ll have access to the weekly recipes, shopping list and meal prep guide. Every Saturday the next menu is available so you can do your shop and meal prep in time for Monday.


Do you offer plans for special dietary needs?

Although we do not currently cater for specific dietary requirements you can make swaps where you need. For example, regular pasta for gluten-free or omit dairy where necessary. That's the best thing about shopping for yourself, you can personalise your menu to suit your needs.


How much does it cost?

Our memberships start at $6.66/pw. Head to our become a member page to see what membership suits you best. 
10% of your weekly membership fee is donated to Fair Food. Fair Food is an Auckland-based food rescue charity, collecting surplus food from retailers and manufacturers and redistributing this food to people in need across Auckland. Every $1 donated = 3 meals for people in need, plus you’ll save greenhouse emissions by helping Fair Food divert good food from landfills.


What is the serving size for each recipe?

Our recipes are designed to serve 4 people (or 2 with leftovers for lunch the next day). Under the ‘tips’ we give suggestions on how to half each recipe without waste!


Do you provide nutritional information for your meals?

No, but our recipes have been carefully designed to be nutritious and well-balanced. We have a background in health and nutrition and our meal plans are designed by a certified Health Coach. The recipes are based on standard portion sizing - 150 - 200g for protein, ½ - 1 cup of carbohydrates, and plentiful veg.


What kitchen tools will I need?

We advise having a trusty: pot, frying pan, roasting dish, sharp knives, chopping board, peeler, strainer, blender such as a nutribullet and containers for food storage.


When do I get charged?

After your 7 day free trial you will be charged.


How do I cancel my plan?

There is no long-term commitment you can cancel at any time. Head to 'manage my membership' to cancel your plan.


Do I have to follow the recipes in order 01- 04?

If you're following the meal prep guide we recommend following the order of recipes so what you've prepped doesn't spoil.


Do you offer a vegetarian plan?

We give vegetarian options for every recipe which are just as delicious! Variations can be found at the bottom of every recipe.


How do I use the interactive shopping list?

The shopping list is interactive so you are able to add your personal items as well as tick things off as you shop. We find it works best by downloading it onto ‘books’ on your iphone.