How to Plan Your Weekly Menus

Planning your meals for the week ahead may seem a little tedious or daunting, but think of it as asking “what’s for dinner” once, instead of every night. Here are six tips to make planning your weekly meals a little easier.

1. Shop your fridge and pantry

Always start by figuring out what you’ve already got and what needs to be used, then pick recipes based on these ingredients or adapt recipes but substituting ingredients.

2. Different cuisines

Get inspired by different cuisines for each meal, that way similar ingredients won’t feel as though they’re on repeat

3. Repeat ingredients

Choose recipes that use the same ingredients to help minimise food wastage. For example, if you’re making a slaw using 1/2 a cabbage, use the remainder in a stir-fry.

4. Try new recipes

Include one new recipe each week, to enable you to build up a repertoire of new meals you love.

5. Meatless Monday

Choose one or two meat-free recipes - think lentil or chickpea curries and stews or salads with halloumi, crispy chickpeas or falafels. We also love adding nuts and avocado to help make meat-free recipes more

6. Quick and easy

Choose one meal that takes less than 30 minutes to prepare, or bulk prepare some freezer friendly meals for those busier nights.