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Are you making the most of your leftovers?

When we are left with a full portion of a meal, it's a no-brainer to enjoy it for lunch the next day, but it's understandable to feel inclined to throw away anything smaller.

One of our top tips to reduce food waste is to make the most of all leftovers, regardless of their size.
For example:

- Leftover meats, veggies and grains can all be revamped into a delicious salad, simply add some leafy greens, fresh herbs, crunchy nuts, some creamy feta and a dressing.

- Cooked vegetables, whether they were roasted or sautéed, can be a fantastic addition to a nutritious frittata, perfect for a satisfying lunch or breakfast.

- Day-old rice truly shines when transformed into fried rice. Don't limit yourself to Asian-inspired versions; you can make Middle Eastern-inspired variations too!

When you adopt a mindset focused on minimising food waste, it can become a fun challenge to repurpose those remaining ingredients and turn them into something yummy!

We hope you enjoy this week’s recipes.

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